Our Process

Our Process

Our Process: A Tale of Precision and Expertise

In the heart of a bustling, modern-day technology hub, a meticulous process unfolds, hidden from the world's gaze. This is the intricate journey undertaken by a device from the moment it arrives in the hands of the grader to its eventual unveiling to eager customers on the Unboxxed website.

The first step, entrusted to the grader, is the collection of devices, relinquished by the custodian of traded-in treasures. These devices bear the promise of new beginnings. The grader meticulously removes the paperwork from each device, awakens them from their slumber, and undertakes the task of setting up each phone. It is here that the journey of scrutiny begins.

Matching IMEI numbers and models to the accompanying documents becomes the grader's first challenge. They inspect the device's quality, leaving no stone unturned as they evaluate the LCD, screen, back and front covers, buttons, and the device's ability to spring to life without the need for a charger. Correctly loading the devices into the system is a task demanding precision, ensuring no detail is overlooked.

Next, the quality controller and tester take the baton, subjecting each device to a comprehensive 80-point check using the PhoneCheck diagnostic tool. A swift process that takes only 60 seconds, it provides valuable insights into the device's health. Once examined, the device receives a sticker bearing vital information.

Those devices that require additional attention or refurbishments are handed over to the skilled technicians. Armed with feedback from the quality control analysis, the technicians labor diligently to restore the devices to peak functionality. Their craftsmanship is pivotal in ensuring that each device works at 100% efficiency.

Returning to the quality controller's careful hands, the device undergoes a final inspection. Only when it passes this rigorous assessment is it deemed ready to embark on its next adventure. The devices are then prepared to be sold on Unboxxed and listed on the website, where they await discovery by eager, loyal customers.

This journey, while hidden from plain sight, is a testament to the dedication, precision, and expertise that underlie the world of graded devices. It ensures that every device finds new life and purpose in the hands of its future owner.