Cool tips for Huawei devices

Cool tips for Huawei devices

Unleash the power of your device with these sleek and savvy tips! Capture the perfect moment with a knuckle double-tap for a screenshot or channel your inner artist with an "S" for a scrolling screenshot, seamlessly uploaded into your gallery for sharing or a touch of editing finesse.

For the app enthusiasts among us, the swipe-down feature is a game-changer. A simple flick in the middle of the screen reveals a search magic trick. Type the app's name, hit the location button, and witness the magic unfold as your app materializes.

No need to fuss with unlocking – a swift swipe up from the base unveils a treasure trove of useful apps, including the ever-handy torch. The P40 Pro takes convenience to new heights, with endless possibilities at your fingertips.

The P40 Pro doesn't stop there! Enter the "mu e" move, a multitasking masterpiece. Drag out the tree from the side, and you can effortlessly work with two apps at once, side by side or in a full-sized window. It's a one-handed mode extravaganza. Swipe up from either bottom corner, and everything gets sleekly militarized for your ease.

 The Air Gesture – a dazzling trick on the fresh new P40 Pro. Scroll through websites with a mere flick of your fingers in front of the screen, no touching required. Perfect for those culinary adventures or following recipes with messy hands. The P40 Pro: where tech meets magic, with a sprinkle of playfulness