Is an iPhone 7 Worth It?

Is an iPhone 7 Worth It?

The iPhone 7 is a fabulous device. It offers a reasonable battery life, pretty good camera, fast performance, and better water protection than previous models. It also looks great. It is small, slim, and neat and will fit beautifully into your pocket. And then there is the price. As one of the oldest pre owned iPhones available, you can pick one up at a great deal.

BUT… we DON’T think it is worth it.

The iPhone 7 is no longer supported by the latest iOS.

Apple’s most recent operating system is iOS16. The iPhone 7 only supports up to iOS15.

For a refurbished iPhone, this is material. If you can’t upgrade to the latest iOS (as is the case with the iPhone 7) some apps may not function properly, and you will not get the latest security updates.

This probably won’t make a big difference in your life for the first year that you have your beautifully refurbished iPhone 7. But over time, it will begin to have an increasingly big impact. You will find that more and more apps don’t function as they should, you may find that you can not download certain apps, and you open yourself up to new security risks that are not covered by the old iOS.

When you buy a used iPhone from Unboxxed, we want you to get good value. This means that you should get good use out of it. We don’t think you’ll get good use out of a pre owned iPhone 7 for the reasons above.

And so we don’t sell pre owned iPhone 7 phones. If you really want one despite the risks, you’ll have to look somewhere else :)