Going from 0.93 to 0

Going from 0.93 to 0

We've crunched the numbers. The wealthier mankind becomes, the hotter the world gets. 

If we keep it up, our kids will bake. Floods, cyclones, and droughts will become more common. Food will become more scarce. Sea levels will rise, flooding low lying areas. You get the picture. It's pretty bleak!

Of course, not making mankind wealthier is not an option. Despite great progress over the last 50 years, there remain too many people living in poverty. 

We need to disconnect global wealth from environmental damage. 

At the moment there is a strong correlation (correlation = 0.93) between global GDP and the change in global temperature. This means that as global GDP increases, so do global average temperatures. 

We need to change this. We need to be able to grow GDP without increasing temperatures (correlation < 0).

This means that each of us - and especially the wealthier among us - need to be more responsible with the choices we make. We need to use less water, use less energy, drive our cars less, choose to recycle, choose local produce, eat less meat, and choose refurbished devices (phones, tablets, laptops) over new ones. 

Let's aim for naught!