5 iPhone 11 features we LOVE

5 iPhone 11 features we LOVE

One of the (many) big upsides of buying a preowned iPhone is that you get some awesome features for a song. These are our favourite, nifty features that come with a second hand iPhone 11.

Feature 1 – Start video without going into video mode

Love, love this one! So often I pull out my phone to record a video and press photo instead. It is wildly maddening because inevitably the moment is long-gone by the time I’ve opened video and hit record.

And it’s super easy to use. When you are in photo mode, simply hold down the large, round white “take photo” button and it’ll record a video.

Feature 2 – Block unknown callers

I reckon I get called by telemarketers daily. The iPhone 11 introduces a nifty feature to block unknown callers. Go to Settings -> Phone -> Silence Unknown Callers to toggle this feature on and off.

When you toggle it on, it will silence calls from unknown numbers and send them to voice mail and display the call on the recents list.

The added bonus is that it builds in additional intelligence, so that it will not silence calls from numbers that you have recently dialled or Siri suggestions.

Feature 3 – Scanning

I use this iPhone 11 feature a lot! I’ve found it super handy to be able to scan documents when I don’t have a scanner at hand.

Open up Notes, click on the bottom right to start a new note, and then select the camera image at the bottom. A menu will appear giving you the option to Scan Documents.

Feature 4 – Faster streaming with Wi-Fi 6

This is a particularly handy feature if you like streaming videos or playing games on your phone. With Wi-Fi 6 you can stream up to 4 x faster than other connected devices if you have a network that supports the technology.

Feature 5 – Full page screen shots

Our final favourite feature of your pre owned iPhone 11 is super cool! You can take a screen shot of an entire webpage, even the hidden bits.

Before this feature, you would have to take multiple screen shots to capture the contents of a webpage that was longer than the size of your screen.

Now, you take a screen shot. In the Edit mode, you will see 2 tabs at the top. The default tab on the left says Screen and the tab on the right says Full Page. Click on Full Page, and then hit Done and save the image as a PDF to your Files.

We hope this persuades you to save the environment and your hard-earned cash. We’re certain that these awesome phones for sale are about the best decision you’ll make :)