Do Preowned Devices Come with a Warranty?

Do Preowned Devices Come with a Warranty?

Preowned phones, tablets, and laptops are becoming increasingly popular. They offer a great option for consumers that want a top-end device but can’t afford the hefty price. And, they are becoming more popular with a growing group of consumers that want to reduce the impact that they have on the planet.

BUT while preowned devices are a great option, they also come with more risk. Because they’ve been owned before, the device may have faults that are not immediately apparent. And so it is super important to consider whether or not the preowned device you are looking at comes with a warranty.

Preowned phones typically do not come with a warranty from the original manufacturer. However, many sellers may offer their own warranty or guarantee to protect against any defects or malfunctions. But be careful, the length of warranties offered differs between sellers. Some sellers offer 3-month warranties, others 6-month warranties, and some offer 12-month warranties.

Original manufacturers usually offer a 12-month warranty. Make sure that your preowned device comes also comes with a 12-month warranty. Offering a 12-month warranty is costly for the seller if anything goes wrong with a device, and so they work really hard to make sure that they only sell devices with the highest standards of quality.

But you also mustn’t take a warranty at face value. It is important to read the fine print to understand the terms of any warranty offered on a preowned iPhone or Samsung Galaxy or other device. Some warranties may only cover specific parts of the phone or have a limited time frame.

Of course, there is no better reference than social proof and recommendations from people you know. Do your research to make sure you are buying from a reputable seller. Read reviews on platforms like Hello Peter and ask for recommendations from friends and family who have purchased preowned phones or se