Why Preowned is the Best Way to Buy Tech

Why Preowned is the Best Way to Buy Tech

We love preowned (pre owned). Okay – it’s our business. But to be frank, it’s our business because we think is we think it is super important and we love a good deal.

When your only option was buying someone’s old iphone or laptop on Gumtree, Facebook Marketplace, or at the local Cash Crusaders it was a bad, bad, bad idea. The device came with someone else’s dodgy information that hadn’t been wiped; chances are it was stolen; and at best it lasted 6-months. All your hard earned money… Wasted. Not cool!

Preowned (pre owned) tech has come a long way. It’s no longer just an option. We believe that, if you buy it from the right place, it is the best way to buy tech. Here’s why:

It is reliable and great quality

The best refurbishers of certified preowned (pre owned) tech go to a lot of effort to make sure that devices are reliable. Specialist technicians run through detailed checklists to ensure that every aspect of a device’s functionality is working. They wipe all data; where relevant, make sure the device is usable on any cell phone network; restore factory settings; upgrade the operating system; and check that the battery still has a lot of life left in it. This means that the device that you get operates as you would expect a new device to… and lasts!

It saves a ton of money

Preowned devices cost between 10% and 70% less than new devices. How's that for sale phones? Isn’t that awesome: devices you love and can trust for a fraction of the cost. You can put what you save towards something special or even just save it for a rainy day. Winning all round!

It saves the Earth

Mankind is hugely wasteful, which is super damaging to the environment. In 2019, an epic 53.6 million tons1 of electronic waste (eWaste) ended up in landfills and this amount is growing each year. That's a huge amount: it is the same weight as all the elephants in the world put together, times 20! On top of this, each time a new device is manufactured, CO2 is spewed into the environment. Buying preowned keeps stuff out of landfill and reduces the need to manufacture new devices. It really does save the Earth.

There’s a fall back

New devices typically carry a 1-year warranty. Preowned (pre owned) devices should be the same and this is exactly what the best refurbishers offer.

Our job at Unboxxed is to give you the comfort you need to know that the preowned (pre owned) iPhone or Samsung Galaxy or laptop that you buy won’t let you down. We thoroughly vet all refurbishers that list on Unboxxed to make sure that you can trust what you buy. All our refurbishers offer a 1-year warranty. They also all offer a 14-day return policy so that if what you get isn’t what you expected, you can return it. At no cost to you.

  1. Browse Unboxxed for only the best preowned tech.
  2. Purchase a great device.
  3. Enjoy it in the confidence it will last.

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