Huawei P50 Pro vs Samsung S22 phones. What is better

Samsung vs Huawei: Which is better?

Choosing a smartphone can be difficult. Especially when Samsung and Huawei phones can be quite similar. But there are a few key differences. So which refurbished phone should you get?

When comparing Huawei P50 Pro and Samsung S22+; it’s clear that they both have their merits. It depends on your phone preferences and priorities. So let’s break it down:


Battery Health

Samsung and Huawei both prioritize battery longevity. According to Trust Reviews, Samsung Galaxy S22+ typically lasts a day and requires an overnight charge most nights while the Huawei P50 Pro could last a full day with a decent amount of charge left over. 

Let’s be clear: both offer decent charge speeds and high-capacity batteries, but if you’re looking for a phone battery that gets the most out of a single charge the Huawei P50 Pro tends to be a bit better. 

Price Differences:

Huawei South Africa is known for its competitive prices and Huawei Y5p typically retails for R200 cheaper than the Samsung A3 Core. However, the Huawei P50 Pro price typically starts at R19,999, compared to R17,999 for the Galaxy S22+.

The P50 Pro price of a preowned Huawei and the S22 price of a preowned phone will always be cheaper. So you can enjoy either device without breaking the bank.

Phone Camera Capabilities:

Samsung Galaxy cameras boast cutting-edge sensors and versatile shooting modes. Whilst Huawei's Leica-engineered lenses and AI-powered enhancements make for excellent mobile photography. 

You’ll get impressive snaps from both the Huawei P50 Pro and Galaxy S22+. Both phone cameras are excellent!


It’s important to note, that the Huawei P50 Pro is banned from using Google services like Google Play, YouTube and other Google-based apps. 

However, Huawei South Africa has made great strides to offer more popular third-party apps. So you shouldn’t have a problem, but it might be a bit of a hassle to adjust to a restricted version of Android. 

On the other hand, Samsung phones boast close integration with Google services and apps. So Samsung may win when it comes to Apps and performance.


The Samsung S22+ typically lasts around 3-6 years which is great if you’re looking to buy Samsung preowned. Whilst the Huawei P50 Pro tends to last between two to four years.

The longevity of both devices will improve drastically if you buy a refurbished phone. Which is why Unboxxed is the perfect place to shop and you’re sure to find the perfect refurbished phone to fit your needs for a long time. 

To conclude, Samsung pre owned and Huawei pre owned devices both have their merits. It all depends on your individual needs. Feel free to shop around on our website and see if you can find a preowned Samsung or Huawei device to meet your needs.