PC Sales Tanking in 2022

PC Sales Tanking in 2022

After a wild 2020 and 2021 thanks to COVID and work-from-home, PC sales are set to slump in 2022. But it's not all bad news. 

1. This level of sales is still way higher than sales over the 5-year period 2015 - 2019

2. Growth in refurbished laptops and desktops is set to outpace growth in sales of new devices by a long margin (although off a much smaller base).

Based on publicly available numbers, our estimates are that in 2022, sales of refurbished devices will amount to 20 million units globally. This compared to the sale of 310 million new devices. This means that 6% of global PC sales in 2022 are projected to be refurbished devices.

Still loads of opportunity to keep more devices out of landfills! Join the movement!