We are proud to count Play Africa as a client

We are proud to count Play Africa as a client

If you haven’t heard of Play Africa, you are missing out. This dynamic non-profit innovator creates engaging and hands-on exhibits, spaces, and programmes to empower young children to learn and develop skills for the future through play. They’ve been recognised internationally as an impactful innovation leader in education.

We are proud to count Play Africa as one of our clients.

Like most non-profit organisations, putting donor money to where it matters most – in Play Africa’s case, giving children the opportunity to experience and learn – is crucial. It is for this reason that Gretchen Wilson-Prangley, founder and CEO, reached out to Unboxxed to source refurbished laptops for the team. They needed affordable but super reliable devices that would keep the team productive and last for ages.

We caught up with Gretchen and the team to find out how the devices are going.

“At the moment, we are using the laptops for projecting videos for our science festival in Soweto, as well as to support the delivery of our Bridges for Peace playful learning programme with 3,000 children in areas affected by violence in 2021. We also use them for admin and compiling our monthly reports. They are great and have helped us to be more efficient.”

“Most importantly, the laptops change hands a lot between different team members. And so we value the fact that these are really robust, top-end devices that don’t let us down.” – Tebogo Dube, Programme Manager.

“Far better value than anything else I could find. I can’t believe the exceptional quality of the refurbished laptops – they look and feel new, and are just what we need. I have been incredibly impressed from start to finish and am already planning to make another order.” – Gretchen Wilson-Prangley, Founder and CEO.

For more information on Play Africa, visit https://playafrica.org.za/. It is a wonderful and immensely worthwhile initiative to support.

The Play Africa team in their back office planning the rollout of the Bridges of Peace programme. 

 Programme Manager Tebogo Dube